epsi.net Thank You Program

Earn FREE Internet Access!

To thank our loyal customers for the referrals they have been sending us, epsi.net is pleased to announce a thank you program where for every 2 new customers you refer to us, we'll give you 1 month FREE service.  New customers must notify us who refered them so we'll know who's account to credit.  These must be 2 new customers and must sign up for at least 1 month of service each.  Please contact our sales department if you have any questions about this new program.

New customers can also signup online by clicking here.

epsi.net strives to be the leading supplier of local internet access with REAL customer support. We have a long history as a successful organization.

For Further Information Contact:

405 S. Thompson Ave.
Tel: 816-630-3444
FAX: 816-630-3413
e-mail: sales@epsi.net